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How can a woman seek divorce in Pakistan?
04:33:31 PM - 12th Dec 2016
Please note that under Muslim law, marriage is a social contract between adult male and female muslim. For a muslim girl to seek divorce from her husband, there are limited situations under which she can do so. For instance, under the Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act 1939 Section 2 there are limited number of situations where a woman can seek divorce. They are: • Where husband has not being present in marriage for a period of 4 years, • Where husband fails to maintain wife and has financial constraints; • Where he marries another woman without the first wife’s consent; • Where husband is phsycially incapable or impotent to perform intimacy and has not done so for a period of atleast three years; • Also where woman was married at the time when she was under 15 years of age and the marriage was not consummated she can seek divorce • Where the husband is ‘unduly severe’ meaning that he abuses his wife physically or emotionally and or is involved in immoral activities • Husand does not allow wife to excerise religious freedoms etc or discriminates her when compared to other wives etc. These are some of the reasons where a woman can seek dissolution of marriage from court. Hope the above helps. Thank you. Regards Khan Barrister at law
04:34:12 PM - 12th Dec 2016
Please let me know if you need any clarification?
04:35:04 PM - 12th Dec 2016
Thank you Sir. Bohat shukria
04:35:50 PM - 12th Dec 2016