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Barrister Naveed Khan

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I have a question regarding domicile certificate. If a person having a domicile of kpk, But he/she live in punjab for 20years, all the voter id , property papers are of punjab. sold the property of kpk. His sibling has punjab domicile. then is it possible to change the domicle from kpk to punjab.
04:23:11 PM - 15th Jul 2017
Thank you for your message on Ask Wakeel. Can you please tell me why does the person want to change the domicile from kpk to punjab? Any person can change his domicile and acquire a fresh domicile viz. domicile by choice. Where, however, any person claimed that he had acquired domicile of his choice, burden of proving the same would be on him. Considerable evidence would be required to prove such intention or such facturn. Children normally follow the domicile of their parents until they grow up and then can acquire a new domicile by operation of law as on being married or they can acquire domicile of their choice by settling permanently at a place other than their parents domicile . Hope this answers your question.
05:47:02 PM - 15th Jul 2017