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Is there any way to get the money which a person promised to give when buying something from me, but hasn't for years. There is no written evidence of it but only the chat messages of him admitting through the years. Can a case be filed? If so, can he be at least brought to justice.
12:07:49 AM - 22nd Jul 2017
Yes it is possible if there is evidence in form of chat messages. You can take the person to task.
12:12:31 AM - 22nd Jul 2017
What would be the procedure of doing so ?
01:03:13 AM - 22nd Jul 2017
The procedure is that you will send a letter of demand or a legal notice to this person requiring him to pay outstanding dues, failing which, an action in court shall be taken. You would file a civil suit for recovery of monies.
10:09:49 AM - 22nd Jul 2017
But for that I've to get his ID card number. He lives in another city. And he came over to buy that thing all the way to my City. I have his name and the bike details which he bought though.
10:48:09 AM - 22nd Jul 2017
Consider filing an fir for theft or deception this way the police will locate him. For civil case you need his address.
10:59:05 AM - 22nd Jul 2017
Are there any charges for the fir ? And since I've never done that before. What's the process for doing so ?
11:11:25 AM - 22nd Jul 2017
Whjch city are you based?
11:14:56 AM - 22nd Jul 2017
11:29:39 AM - 22nd Jul 2017
Visit your nearest police station and talk to your SHO
11:55:32 AM - 22nd Jul 2017
11:56:29 AM - 22nd Jul 2017
11:56:54 AM - 22nd Jul 2017
Oh sorry. I understand. Will do.
11:57:20 AM - 22nd Jul 2017
Thanks for the help :)
11:57:33 AM - 22nd Jul 2017
You are welcome
11:57:52 AM - 22nd Jul 2017