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Good evening sir. In Rawalpindi we have a park in can't area. (502 park). Now the problem is that army wants to construct aps school on that park. But the residents wants to remain park unchangable. What should we do?
12:23:36 AM - 19th Aug 2017
If this is cantonment land, they will have approved map of the area. Land designated for park can not be converted into commercial activity. Please seek court's assistance to restrain the cantonment from violating bylaws
12:28:26 AM - 19th Aug 2017
sir please respond
03:33:40 PM - 19th Aug 2017
Should I close this question sir?
12:24:26 PM - 20th Aug 2017
Yes Sir thank you very much and kindly close this question.
04:37:30 PM - 20th Aug 2017
ok thank you.
04:43:27 PM - 20th Aug 2017
please give feedback
04:43:37 PM - 20th Aug 2017