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Dear Sir, Could you please advise us on below Leave, how many leave employer can give to their employee during the year. Causal Leave Sick Leave Annual Leave Festival Leave for Non-Muslim employees Any carry forward rule in the law for the above leave Maternity Leave No of day in year - How many times during employment period Also, please advise the related Law & clause no for our reference With Kind Regards, Muhammad Naveed Other 15th November 2017 Good evening sir. In Rawalpindi we have a park in can't area. (502 park). Now the problem is that army wants to construct aps school on that park. But the residents wants to remain park unchangable. What should we do? General Law 19th August 2017 Is there any way to get the money which a person promised to give when buying something from me, but hasn't for years. There is no written evidence of it but only the chat messages of him admitting through the years. Can a case be filed? If so, can he be at least brought to justice. Business Law 22nd July 2017 AoA, I'm Kamran from Mohalla Quaid Abad Allama Iqbal colony tench bhatta, Rawalpindi. The issue is the sewerage is not managed in my area even on the raining day waster water entered in residence home even on the small falling of rain the people increment the politic member not supporting us with this issue the people of the town discuss the issue with him mana times but he is not supporting wanting to have any solution regarding this, let me clarify the area is "CANT area" and we already tried with the same issue to Rawalpindi cantonment board but they are not answering wanting to have solution about this. Any help from you will be very appreciated. JazakAllah! Regards! General Law 16th July 2017 Dear Sir/Madam: If the appointment letter says ONE year contract and the organization terminates a person before that, to what extent the victim can defend his/her stance? I am talking about a public sector organization under MOST. Thanks for consideration and hope to hear from you soon. Best Regards, Fahim General Law 24th June 2017 How can a woman seek divorce in Pakistan? Family Law 12th December 2016