How to Get Free Legal Advice with Lawyer in Pakistan

They say a good timely advice of a lawyer is worth its weight in gold. Its true.

But Pakistan is not an easy country if you want to get honest legal advice. More so, because lawyers are not easily accessible to ordinary members of public. They normally are located in Katchery (District Court) with small chambers. The Katchery is not a very welcoming place for those who have not had brushes with the law.  Katchery locates, various lawyers, of all sorts, and the hackling which goes on with regards to their legal fee, is extremely embarrassing to say the least.

Given also that Pakistan has the highest number of poor litigants who often have to wait for a life-time to get a court decision, it becomes essential that we begin by providing free advice to these citizens so that they can be rightly guided well before matters complicate. It is that legal culture we need to promote to create better awareness amongst the masses.  Citizens of Pakistan need to know what their constitutional rights are and awareness of the same needs to be made simple.

The initiative by AskWakeel really addresses that problem. It bridges the gap between ordinary citizens and lawyers by use of technology and brings home honest legal advice, which is thoroughly monitored. AskWakeel also ensures that those who are dispensing advice are certified legal professionals.

In recent years, Pakistan has witnessed a surge in Internet technology and with easy availability of smart phones, it has now become easy for people to connect with each other.  AskWakeel makes use of such technology and removes the burden of physically locating a lawyer or negotiating their fee. For instance, a woman who in Pakistan’s male dominated environment, would otherwise feel insecure going to katchery to look for a lawyer, would now with the ease of technology by AskWakeel, effortlessly would get in touch with a lawyer who could provide much needed advice within the comfort of her home. At AskWakeel you are sure to have a real meeting experience with the lawyer. All such calls are monitored and recorded.

Making a payment is also easy and offers a number of options. The staff at AskWakeel is also extremely cooperative and are happy to refund back any charges if you write to them within 7(seven) days of receiving advice that you are unhappy with the services, AskWakeel would refund you under the 7 days Refund Policy.

There is more. Not only is the advice free, if you need documents delivered to you on door step, may be a stamp paper with tenancy agreement or a car sale agreement etc, You just need to inform your lawyer that you need a particular document, the lawyer would work on it and upload the same in your personalised chat window, so you can review. The same is delivered to your doorstep at extremely nominal charges. So, yes, AskWakeel has changed how legal is done in Pakistan.

Another important issue particularly for overseas Pakistani’s is that if they need immediate legal advice for their legal issues in Pakistan, and because of being in offshore destinations, it is extremely difficult for them to locate a lawyer and trust him/her with their work, they can with great ease assign their tasks to the team at AskWakeel. At AskWakeel it becomes easy for them to have a certified lawyer speak to them and provide guidance.

Is it only free advice. What about representation?

Because AskWakeel has inducted lawyers from all across Pakistan, we are able to undertake your assignments and physically represent you in Pakistan. Our AskWakeel experts are able to successfully accomplish your task and report progress updates online. Because we are not connected with them, we act in your best interest and make sure that the lawyer has effectively helped to achieve your end objective.

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  1. Sir
    Police is misusing karaya dari act and not receiving karaya dari forms at help desk by varying excuses and all of sudden one day it comes and pick the citizen and lock up. Guide me with some legal way to escape in advance from such trouble some panic situation please.
    Your reply is awaited ?

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