Constitutional Law

Constitutional law is the body of rules, doctrines, and practices that govern the operation of political communities. as a well known law firm always helps its valued clients in all respect as and when they needed. The Constitutional law of Pakistan confers powers for the adjudication and issuance of writs to the High Court under Article 199 and to the Supreme Court by virtue of Article 184 of the Constitution. The sole purpose of Article 184 is the enforcement of fundamental rights to the citizens of Pakistan as stated in the Constitution. However, the High Court can interfere for enforcing fundamental rights, for redressing any other provision of the constitution or any statute, Ordinance, Order, Rule or Regulation or illegality committed by any authority. If you consider that the subordinate order is malafide and unjust, alternative remedy is not available, inadequate or illusory, etc, Lack or abuse of jurisdiction, Question of law is involved, Illegitimate order is passed, violation of principles of natural justice, violation of Legal Principles and Non availability of alternative forum then you need not to worry is here to represent and assist you with the finest advice and litigation. Feel free to contact us. We have legal ethics, experience, contacts and track legal discipline to contribute our valued clients. Including large or small corporate in all legal matters to help them to make the right decisions. We support clients to achieve their goals. We have technical legal expertise, strong and honest working relationship and are constantly striving to improve in all aspects.

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