Real Estate Law provides all kinds of support and assistance to our valuable clients for buying and selling cell phones and real estate in Pakistan. We also provide our assistance in terms of permits and other requirements for setting up various industries, factories, and commercial complexes, industrial and residential properties in Pakistan.

Our Real Estate Services offers the following real estate and property services in Pakistan:

  1. Review and verification of property documents
  2. Investigation and verification of sudden changes in favor of sellers
  3. Obtaining a copy of the new Fard (فرد) from the Deputy Chief Registrar.
  4. Obtain a verified copy of the Aks-Shajra (map).
  5. Obtaining a verified copy of the Tatima/Supplementary Property Certificate.
  6. Delineation of the minutiae
  7. Preparation of documents
  8. Registration of the transfer deed
  9. Transfer of property
  10. Making entries in important government registers
  11. Obtaining a NOC if required
  12. Confirmation of seller's power of attorney, if applicable
  13. Verify various documents such as leases, mortgage agreements, gift agreements, etc.
Property Lawyer

Property is specific to each person or law and can only be held by one person. In the strict legal sense, it is a set of rights guaranteed and protected by the state. The term encompasses rights and interests in all types of movable property. More explicitly, property; an unlimited and optional right to something; the ability to legally dispose of, possess, use, refuse or interfere with something. An indefinite scope or right of use or airing that a person may lawfully exercise over a thing or objects. A limited right to possess, enjoy and dispose of something. The highest right a person can have to anything he or she needs. In other words, rights of the kind one needs over land, property, goods, or chattels are not subject to the courtesy of others: the Transfer of Property Act of 1882 states that "property is either (i) real, or (ii) a right to part or all of a thing."

Our Practice represents the interests of its clients in a wide range of property matters, including commercial and fee claims, construction contract disputes, construction defects, easements, disputes between commercial and residential landlords, cooperative investors, and tenants, property and partnership contracts, and sale and purchase agreements. We assist clients in the purchase and sale of commercial properties, major foreclosures, retail transactions, commercial and industrial properties, and other developed and undeveloped properties. Our attorneys assist association clients in obtaining discounts on licensing and statute of limitations fees and other real estate commissions. Our attorneys tailor beneficial ownership, speculation, management, and development agreements to our client's needs, including work availability, partnership, investor, joint venture, and site improvement agreements.

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