Single Member Company

A Single Member company (SMC) is a private company with only one member or director and the benefits of limited liability.
Subject to special amendments, all the provisions of the Companies Ordinance 1984 which apply to limited liability companies also apply to sole traders. The introduction of the sole proprietorship concept has the advantage of making it easier to obtain sole proprietorship status and limiting the liability of owners. Each engagement requires the appointment of a partner/administrator, one to act as nominee administrator in the event of the death of one of the partners/administrators and the other to act as alternate nominee administrator in the absence of the nominee administrator, and two company secretaries must be appointed.
This makes it easier for sole proprietorships to obtain corporate status. Each of these preferences is granted to a partner/director. In 2003, with the Associated Sole Proprietorship Rule, the SEC first allowed individuals to create a small business by converting an unregistered corporation into a limited liability company. The registration of this type of company is governed by the provisions of the Companies Act of 2017.

What is a Sole Proprietorship?

A sole proprietorship (also known as a "Sole Trader") is a business run by a single person. It has no legal personality of its own and the owner is responsible for all profits and losses of the business. The owner also has overall control of the business and all its debts and obligations. The owner is the official decision-maker and is not hindered in any way. Corporate taxes are paid by the owner personally through a government form. Rates are low for sole proprietors.


The advantages of this company are: members do not have partners in the company, so there is no risk of disputes as is often the case with private companies; it protects the sole proprietor from unlimited personal liability and limits the liability to the company funds. is They manage the registration of several sole proprietors in Pakistan and have experience in this field. They can meet all the requirements of the company such as filing annual reports and various other requirements. The main benefit that you will get from our services is that you will be able to grow your business while achieving successful results.
The biggest obstacle in this type of business structure is the unlimited liability of the owner, which makes him/her responsible for any claims and various liabilities that may arise.

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