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Family Law is an area of law that deals with various disputes related to marriage, divorce, Khula, custody, maintenance, time limits for reunification with children, etc. is one of the best family law firms in Pakistan and has effectively handled the following disputes

Dissolution Of Marriage based on Khula

If a wife no longer wishes to live with her husband and wants to dissolve the marriage, she can apply to the relevant court for dissolution of the marriage under a Khula. If the husband does not divorce, the wife can ask for a dissolution of the marriage, which is an Islamic right. is known for its fast and efficient legal handling of cases related to your family Khula.

Maintenance for Wife and Children

The law requires the husband to oversee and manage his wife's expenses. The woman has the right to alimony under the husband's authority from the time of marriage to the time of divorce. If the husband does not attend his wife, he is required to submit with his family court a maintenance bond which will decide the level from the date of his default, leading to his final judgment.
Under Pakistani family law, parents are legally and strictly required to stay with their children. The father is obliged to accompany the child until the boy turns 18 and the girl marries. If the child's support is not paid, the family court judge will initiate support proceedings against the father. After determining the amount of support to be paid from the date of non-payment, the family court will issue a final order requiring the father to be present with the children each month.

Custody of Children

Notwithstanding any domestic dispute between husband and wife, separate proceedings must be initiated in court for each parent seeking custody of their children in Pakistan. Parents seeking custody must prove that it is in the best interests of the child. Custody of children is always an important issue between parents after divorce or separation of a couple. In deciding custody, the judge will consider the financial resources of both parents, the public reputation of both parents, and their character.

Guardianship Certificate

In family disputes between spouses, it does not matter whether the parents obtain custody of their children by mutual agreement or at the request of the court; in some cases, the law requires that the parents apply for a certificate of custody. For example, if one parent wants to travel abroad with the child, or if one parent needs to manage the child's property, the guardianship court must issue a custody certificate. The best family law attorneys at can quickly obtain a custody certificate from the guardianship court. Please contact us for more information.

Recovery of Dowry Articles

Dowry is a gift given by the parents to the Pakistani bride on the occasion of her marriage. Even if the marriage is dissolved or if there is any doubt between the couple, this gift is the woman's right and cannot be taken away by the husband or his family. has a team of qualified lawyers who collected the dowry in no time after going through the legal process.

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