BANKING LAWYER IN PAKISTAN has a team of lawyers dedicated to assisting clients in matters related to banking law in Pakistan. also assists in various regulatory applications against licensed banks and personal liability actions against employees and directors of financial institutions for breach of their statutory duties. Most offenses in the banking and financial sector are tried in special courts, known in Pakistan as banking courts, under the Financial Reconstruction Ordinance 2001. Offenses may also be tried in civil and other courts if the circumstances warrant. All banking transactions between banks and consumers are governed by the Banking Act and related contracts. Banking courts play an important role in the recovery of loans, and the Bank Mohtasib was established to administer financial institutions that review claims against banks. The criminal code also plays an important role in financial crime.

Banking Law Department

The Banking Law Department consists of professionals and lawyers who provide a wide range of legal services to banks and clients in Pakistan. Our services include policy and legal advice, drafting, and advocacy in domestic and international transactions.

Legal Department Office

Our master Banking Lawyer in Pakistan trained to assess and communicate the credibility and nature of our work and our zero malpractice policy. This has made AskWakeel one of the leading banking law firms in Pakistan. This listed law firm excels in all aspects of bank and client relations.

Our Banking Lawyer areas of expertise

We handle a wide range of legal issues related to modern banking and traditional business activities, such as accepting customer deposits, demand payments, and securities lending on a variety of assets. Our Pakistan Banking lawyer have considerable experience and expertise in tendering, advising, arranging, counseling, and monitoring public and international banking transactions, lenders, borrowers, and other financings.

Our Banking Lawyer experience is extensive and includes, but is not limited to, the following areas
  • Loans and related guarantees (including warranties), both for individuals and corporations
  • Swaps and derivatives
  • Areas related to insolvency law
  • Guardianship and Friendship Law
  • Property trusts and asset tracing
  • Letters of credit
  • Performance bonds
  • Letters of Condolence
  • Commercial Paper

Corporate Finance

  • Project Financing
  • Short and long term financing and scaffolding
  • Letters of credit
  • Loan rescheduling
  • Rehabilitation of underperforming units, etc.
  • Refinancing
  • Project financing
  • Securities and another organized financing

Our Working Standard

AskWakeel's banking lawyers work closely with clients on secured and unsecured loans and other financing transactions. Calculation Assistance Program. Our banking lawyers provide comprehensive due diligence services to businesses.
We are interested in receiving comprehensive information on new and innovative financing methods currently in use in Pakistan, including asset-backed loan certificates and their private and public issuance. AskWakeel's banking lawyers are also experienced in fundraising. Debt restructuring and corporate and retail lending. We are also able to assist with transactions, financing methods, and sharia jurisdictions.

Our Banking Lawyer in Pakistan Advice

We advise our clients on all matters relating to financial institutions, including recovery of funds, the 2001 Act, the Central Bank of Pakistan's prudential regulations for banking and non-banking financial institutions, and all regulatory matters relating to financial institutions.
The wealth of information available to the lawyers and professionals working at AskWakeel gives us a particular advantage in the financial services field. Our Banking Lawyer in Pakistan are often called upon to advise on proposed and upcoming legislation. We are therefore able to handle all areas of banking law in which our clients have problems. If you have a problem, call us and we will be happy to help you.

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