What is mediation in civil cases?

Mediation is the process by which the parties to a civil case agree to have the case resolved by an impartial person, rather than going to court. A civil dispute is usually a situation in which the parties are fighting over money, such as in a personal injury case.

What kind of civil cases are mediated?

Any type of civil case or dispute can be mediated if the parties agree. In addition, mediation is also possible and covered even in court proceedings. There are three reasons why courts prefer mediation in civil disputes. The court system does not have the resources to handle all civil cases. Parties often achieve better results through mediation, and individuals are often satisfied with the solutions reached through mediation.

Mediation Services in Civil Matters offers the best mediation services in civil, criminal, commercial, and family matters, which makes us the ideal choice for resolving our clients' problems amicably. In the case of mediation, it involves an initial agreement, rather than negotiating an agreement, preparing a report for the AskWakeel mediator, preparing an opening statement, and implementing and discovering the best and most difficult options during the session. However, provides all the necessary assistance to the mediation.

  1. Preparatory phase
  2. Joint meetings between the parties
  3. Private meetings during the review phase
  4. Joint meetings during the negotiation phase
  5. Joint meetings in the final phase is the best law firm for mediation of civil cases involving various issues such as rent, financial recovery, constitutional issues, property issues, etc.


How should mediation be conducted?

Because mediation is a voluntary process, parties may approach it at any time, from the outset of the dispute until it is referred to the court. Thus, a case can be referred to mediation either by informing the other party at a meeting and, if they agree, mediation will take place, or by the court. If at any stage of the proceedings the parties feel the need to mediate all or part of their dispute, they can, with the consent of the court, refer the dispute to a local mediation committee. In Karachi, for example, AskWakeel offers some independent mediation and conciliation referrals.

AskWakeel's dispute resolution process Initiating mediation

Parties may opt for mediation with the permission of the court, whether or not there is an ongoing dispute. Mediation requires the consent of both parties.

Appointment of a mediator

AskWakeel Dispute Resolution will appoint a mediator and contact the customer to sign the mediation agreement, submit relevant documents, arrange a mediation meeting and pay the proposed fee.

Meditation Session

Mediation sessions (individual or joint) are held at AskWakeel's offices. During this meeting, the mediator focuses on both parties and tries to identify a common vision to reach an agreement that is fair to both parties.

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