Civil law, also known as private law, governs disputes between individuals and businesses. Civil law deals with personal injury, contracts, real property, estates, and family law. Civil law is a legal structure that began and developed under the common law. An essential part of civil law is the codification of the fundamental principles of the common law into a referential structure that drives the law.


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If so, you will likely need a civil litigation attorney to help you resolve your situation. Whether you are involved in a civil lawsuit or not, a civil litigation attorney can help you. For example, if you are signing or acquiring a trust deed, contract, mortgage, title, or lease, a civil lawyer can inform you of your rights and obligations, saving you a lot of money and legal trouble in the not too distant future. If you have a business, a qualified civil attorney can also help you. Businesses face civil litigation all the time. A Civil Lawyer in Pakistan can advise you in time and save you from an expensive civil lawsuit. Choosing a qualified civil lawyer is the best option for you.


This law firm is a pioneer in organizing civil law services for citizens, businesses, road authorities, and government departments in competition with other law firms. The services in this field are mainly provided in the areas of civil law, labor law, and family law. Because of our long-standing commitment to this area, we have the support and involvement of a large number of lawyers. We provide our clients with comprehensive advice and solutions. We draft procedural reports, contracts governing the legal relationship between clients, and agreements for the settlement of disputes, always seeking the best solution for our clients and the greatest possible legal certainty.


We also litigate discrimination cases, nonprofit discrimination cases, and a variety of other civil rights cases. Our civil rights attorneys handle cases involving politics, campaign finance, and early termination. As a reform law firm, we are committed to exposing injustice and achieving justice through aggressive litigation.
AskWakeel is considered one of the leading law firms in Pakistan and general civil litigation is the core of the firm. The firm has handled all types of cases involving individuals and companies. We have been involved in some of the most unpredictable cases facing businesses in a wide range of industries, and two things have been particularly important to us: responding quickly when our clients need urgent remedies or defenses and preparing cases for a full-blown trial in court.
The firm's civil litigation practice is national in scope. Our Civil Lawyer in Pakistans have appeared before superior courts and high courts throughout the country. We have also filed nationwide subpoenas and ancillary relief in class actions and other complex litigation involving clients in different jurisdictions. In these cases, we can promote a comprehensive system by avoiding inefficient duplication, ensuring that the attorneys closest to us take legitimate and verifiable positions, working closely with them when litigating nationally, and coordinating with other attorneys on joint fee arrangements. Through these efforts, we aim to achieve the most desirable results with high-cost productivity that saves owners and their representatives significant time.

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At, we have the best and most experienced Civil Lawyer in Pakistan. If you have a civil problem and do not know how to solve it, we will analyze your situation. We are at your disposal to assert your rights, civil actions, claims for final execution, claims for damages, suspension, and prescription, sacred rights, protection and freedom issues, friendship issues, etc.

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