Recovery Matters

In a recovery action, it is not entirely unexpected that the contract will contain a clause stating that one party will make a payment in exchange for the provision of goods or services by the other party. The party providing the goods or services does not receive advance payment until an agreed-upon date. In this case, the payer breaks the contract and the supplier of goods or services must find a way to collect the debt.
At, we have a team of specialized Recovery Lawyer to support you in your collection case. They are experienced in handling cases and recoveries of economic and personal threats for individuals and companies, both local and international, in various sectors. In Pakistan, we can also help you with pre-authorization receipts and prior authorizations to legally protect your assets.
We are the most reputable lawyers in the field of debt collection, asset tracking, documentation, and identity verification. Our debt collection specialists handle the collection of your company's debts in a simple, efficient, and timely manner. Whatever the situation, we will strive to understand your business problems and objectives. We ensure that your company gets the best net return from its debt collection services.

Debt Recovery Services

We offer a range of collection services tailored to your needs. Whether you are a sole proprietorship, partnership, or limited liability company, regardless of your size, we are here to help. It doesn't matter if you are concerned about a small debt or a large, ongoing total debt. For undisputed debt, we offer discreet, affordable, efficient, and unparalleled personal support.
You will receive regular updates on our debt collection services and collections will be made legally and professionally. If you have a problem, we will tell you immediately what your options are.

Management of the debtor portfolio and debt collection

Financial Debt Recovery

As debt collection specialists, we often hear the reasons why companies do not take care of their debt collection. We know how to react and what pressure to exert to extend the collection period.

Asset Recovery

We are the largest provider of asset recovery and remarketing services in the United States. Our team has over 10 years of experience in secured asset recovery.

Leased Vehicle Recovery

We are pioneers in the liquidation and recovery of leased vehicles. AskWakeel has recovered more than 3000 leased vehicles in Pakistan. AskWakeel has recovered leased vehicles from all existing banks in Pakistan.

Non-Performing Loan Recovery

AskWakeel's asset for bad debt recovery. A commercial loan is considered non-performing if the borrower fails to pay interest or principal within 90 days or is more than 90 days past due. Consumer loans are classified as bad debt if the debt is more than 180 days past due.

How effective are Pakistani courts in collecting debts?

Pakistani courts are very effective in collecting debts, provided the person or company has assets in Pakistan. When it comes to foreign cases, the courts have to facilitate the judicial cycle.
One of the factors influencing the effectiveness of collection is the financial position of the individual or company concerning the payment of advances. If a company is unable to pay its advances and fees, the court will work with the department's CD in addition to regular monthly payments.

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