Cybercrime Law provides highly top end services in the field of Cyber Crime in Pakistan and has highly professional cybercrime lawyers in Pakistan backed with a team of Information Technology experts. Our IT experts work with the Legal team on every step in all the Cyber Crimes Cases and other Internet or Telecommunication related cases and issues. If you are a victim or need help relating any of these electronic crimes, cyber terrorism, data damage electronic fraud, criminal access, criminal data access, misuse of electronic system or electronic device, electronic forgery, unauthorized access to code, misuse of encryption, misuse of code, cyber stalking then just don’t hesitate to for help. Reporting cyber-crimes in Pakistan through us is very simple and easy, here are cyber-crimes that you can report to cyber-crime wing of FIA.

  1. I. If someone has made a fake FB ID or Twitter ID with your name II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. VIII.
  2. If someone has posted your images without your consent
  3. If someone is spreading racial or ethnic hatred
  4. If someone has hacked your Facebook/Email
  5. If someone has gained un-authorized access to your laptop, phone (Physical Information system, digital data, personal Identity)
  6. If someone is defaming you on social media and you think he/she’s wrong in claims he/she is making
  7. Online Fund Transfer Fraud through bank, ATM, Easypaisa, U-paisa, Time pay or any other online fund transfer facility
  8. If your website is hacked by someone

If you are a victim of any of these crimes, then feel free to contact us. We will file complaint to FIA cybercrime wing and will follow up till its final dispose of.

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