Criminal law is an unprecedented area that deals with this type of culpability. Any violation of an order or control granted by the legislature or by any authority, political or religious, with sufficient influence on the affairs of the state is considered a crime. This explains why the state remains the investigator of the accused. The main purpose of criminal law is to control the influence of the state in all matters relating to acts or omissions. Any act or control that challenges the influence of the state is not allowed under the criminal law of the country.
Pakistan has a very detailed criminal code, some of which is outdated, but which generally covers all concepts that constitute an offense. To understand Pakistani criminal law, one must also understand the social and cultural splendor of the country. Most of the criminal laws in Pakistan were introduced by the British Empire at a time when India was a colonized country and Pakistan was part of it. However, later on, the understanding of the social context was taken into account and an attempt was made to adapt the penal code to the cultural context of the country.

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At Criminal Law Services, AskWakeel has handled numerous criminal cases involving misdemeanors, felonies, and miscarriages of justice of all kinds, and has almost always defended the rights of its clients in court. Our attorneys strive to ensure that our clients do not spend their days alone in jail. Criminal Legal Services has the best lawyers in every area of law to ensure that their clients get their rights in the legal picture.
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AskWakeel’s has unparalleled experience in defending cases of gross negligence homicide, abuse of authority, and sexual abuse in the past. We work hard and investigate at every opportunity to establish the facts and gather evidence to defend our clients' cases.

Objectives of Criminal Law

The most widely recognized objectives of criminal law in Pakistan are

  1. Pakistani criminal law should reflect intolerance of criminal behavior by arresting, prosecuting, and deporting offenders.
  2. Criminals should not be allowed to enjoy their criminal activities and should be encouraged to strive to ensure that others are not victimized by crime.
  3. Pakistan's criminal law should be used judiciously to rehabilitate criminals and weaken individuals who may pose any danger to society.
  4. To uphold law and order to ensure the welfare and security of the individual.
  5. To support victims at all times to obtain satisfactory payment from their abusers.
  6. Ensure effective and adequate access to justice, ensuring proper treatment of suspects, defendants, detainees, and witnesses. Also, ensure that the innocent are acquitted without harassment and that the guilty are justly punished.
  7. Ensure that the criminal justice structure is accountable to society.

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We believe that everyone should have a top-notch criminal lawyer and that fees should never be avoided. Upon request, Criminal Legal Services offers reasonable fees and terms that meet the requirements of most financial systems.

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AskWakeel has a strong presence with a network of offices in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Gujarat, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Faisalabad, Multan, and Peshawar. This development is aimed at providing qualified and local service to our clients. AskWakeel has some of the best criminal lawyers in the country with extensive experience in the field of criminal law.

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