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Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is the authority in Pakistan that is tasked with the responsibility of regulating all telecommunication sector of Pakistan.
PTA maintains and regulates all telecommunication systems of Pakistan. It further is mandated with the task of promoting availability of wide range of high quality, efficient and cost effective competitve telecommunication services throughout Pakistan. As a watchdog organisation, it also gives policy recoomendations to the Federal Government of Pakistan.
It is also a complaint body which deals with claims made against licensees arising out of alleged contraventions of the provisions of the law and the rules made and licenses issued there under and takes action accordingly.
All businesses which deal with telecommunication, which has a very broad definition under the Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-Organisation) Act 1996, which states that,
“Telecommunication system” means any electrical electromagnetic, electronic, optical or optio-electornic system for the emission, conveyance, switching or reception of any intelligence within, or into, or from, Pakistan, whether or not that intelligence is subjected to rearrangement, computation or any other process in the course of operation of the system, and includes a cable transmission system, a cable television transmission system and terminal equipment”…
All such telecommunication systems are subject to PTA licensing.
Telecommunication service is defined as, "telecommunication service" means a service consisting in the emission, conveyance, switching or reception of any intelligence within, or into, or from, Pakistan by any electrical, electro-magnetic, electronic, optical or optio-electronic system, whether or not the intelligence is subjected to rearrangement, computation or any other process in the course of the service”
Therefore PTA licensing is a very broad and wide subject and if you have any questions pertaining to licensing requirements, its best to speak to our Askwakeel Expert.


Pakistan has huge online business potential and lately a lot of Pakistani tech startups have cropped up in the market. Some of the very high potential startups we have seen lately are :
1) ($29 million) ...
2) Airlift ($24.2 million) ...
3) Bykea ($18.7 million) ...
4) Finja ($14.5 million) ...
5) Cheetay ($9.7 million) ...
6) ($8.5 million)
The above are all Venture capital or Angel funded active startup founded by a Pakistani and headquartered in Pakistan.
Pakistan's young and tech-savvy population, market of over 220 million people and increasing levels of local capital are creating opportunities for tech entrepreneurs. It’s a market which is soon to explode.
The country was named one of the fastest-growing economies in Asia in McKinsey & Co's latest report on the Pakistani ecosystem. The same report revealed that 720 startups had been created since 2010 — 67% of which are still in operation — with 100 successfully raising funding. That’s very encouraging for Pakistan. Also many familiar with Pakistan's startup scene, it's hard to pinpoint exactly what triggered its growth. Perhaps the reason could be that considering we have a huge market of young, digitally-savvy consumers and increased 3G and 4G connectivity, we have all the factors of growth.
For online businessess, its important that legal matters are well dealt with. For instance, startups must make sure they get the following documents professionally drafted:
Terms of Use document – Essentially governs how you interact with users on your website. This document actually creates the legal relationship you would have with your customers. This also governs your liability and rights.
Privacy Policy – Essentially is a document which states how you will handle the personal information you would extract from users who use your website.
International law and protocols govern the above and its important your lawyer is familiar with various international laws which require compliance, particularly if your audience is overseas. Compliance with local law is also important so it is best to consult an Askwakeel Expert for your drafting related requirements.

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