What is legal notice?

A legal notice is a formal written communication between the parties. Through a legal notice, the sender notifies the recipient about his intention of undertaking legal proceedings against the latter. A legal notice also helps in making the receiving party aware of the grievances of the sender.

Why is it important to file the legal notice?

1. It is a way to warn the opponent
2. It is an important part of legal requirement
3. Efficiency of the litigation process is increase

What are the essentials of legal notice?

The important essential of a notice is to announce information to a specific group of people. The main elements of a legal notice are the facts, issue, and relief. It is a way to warn the opponent that, you are going to take legal action against them if they don’t fulfil your requirement. So, Askwakeel is the first trusted web portal in Pakistan, established in the year 2015, where you can Ask wakeel/lawyer any legal question in Pakistan. The firm specializes in legal drafting ,legal notices , our experts barristers/lawyers/attorney are very experienced to drafting a notice.
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